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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow Flower ( Nunkkot ) - Korean TV Drama

20 Episodes Korean Drama
Category :
Asian, Drama, TV Series
Kim Hee Ae is a smart woman but she is poor. She met a man Lee Jae Ryong and they fell in love with each other. After sometimes they got married and they have their own daughter. Without her knowing, her husband was a married man with two children back in Japan. She couldn’t bear this and asks for divorce. Life change though, Later she becomes a famous writer who barely time for her daughter and this make her daughter has a closer relationship with her grandmother rather than her own mom Lee Hee Ae. Her daughter turns to against her. The daughter, Go Ah Ra, has forgotten about her father. She gets a call from her father and was shocked. She was disappointed and was in anger with her mother. She gives up her studies without a good reason and decided to become an actress. It happened she stars in a movie which story is based on her mom bestseller. She goes out with her boss, her mom is unhappy about this. One day she decided to look for her father in Japan, her father, Lee Jae Ryong was shock to see his daughter coming to him without any notice

Lee Kang-ae (best-selling author): Kim Hee Ae (Wife)
Yoo Da-mi (Kang-ae's daughter): Go Ah Ra
Yoo Gun-hee (Kang-ae's ex-husband/Korean living in Japan): Lee Jae Ryong (To Be With You)
Ha In-chan (Da-mi's first boyfriend): Lee Chan (Letters to the Parents/Yellow Handkerchief)
Ha Young-chan: Kim Ki Bum

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