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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Leak (2007)

Horror | Indonesian Movie, Artis Indonesia
Leak, an Indonesian horror movie, is a love story of a young couple Cantika and Andy. They have a lot of problems because Cantika’s father is a follower of leak black magic.

Cantika is chased by ghosts of people who was murdered by her father by his black magic. It is begin when Cantika go to Bali for a vacation with her classmate. Nyoman Aria, Cantika’s grandfather knows that Wayan is a leak, many times he ask Wayan to release that black magic. Wayan refuse. Every fullmoon he go out for a hunt. Aldy’s mom also know this, and she doesn’t agree with Aldy’s relationship with Cantika. But Aldy is still with his desicion.

Director : Achiel N. Nasrun
Writter : S. Dalimunthe
Casts Artis Indonesia : Nadia Vega, Aldiansyah Taher, Meriam Belina, Ferry Irawan, Piet Pagau

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