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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Categories: Korean TV Series. Genres: Drama, Historical

Jumong is a Korea historical drama. Originally set to be 60, MBC has decided to extend it to 80 episodes due to its popularity. It portrays the life of Jumong, later King Dongmyeongseong, and founder of the Goguryeo Kingdom.

Jumong’s Summary: Gojoseon has fallen to the Han Empire of China. All that is left are separate city-states that have no choice but to appease the Han Empire. The Han are cruel, taking refugees prisoner and demonstrating their new iron weapons on them.

A legendary soldier named Hae Mo-su, joins hands with Geumwa, the crown prince of Buyeo, in order to counter Han savagery, creating the Da-Mul Gun, a band of soldiers who defended Wiman-Chosun refugees. Hae Mo-su gets injured after a skirmish against Han soldiers, and floats down a river, half alive.

The princess of the Haebaek tribe finds him and nurses him back to health. The two start a relationship. However, the Han are looking for Hae Mo-su, and discovering that the man the princess was sheltering looked like (and was) Hae Mo-su, and they raze the tribe to the ground. Hae Mo-su escapes just in time and travels until he meets a caravan from the tribe of Gyeh-Ru.

The head merchant, who is also the ruler of the Gyeh-Ru tribe, offers Hae Mo-su a job within the caravan, not knowing who the man is. The ruler, Yeon Ta-Bal, tells Hae Mo-su to join him in his tent, and they introduce each other and share a conversation. News of the Habaek tribe pops up in the middle of the conversation, and seeing the shocked look on his guest’s face, Yeon Ta-Bal begins to suspect the guest of being Hae Mo-su himself. The next day, the caravan travels but stops when they hear that Yeon’s wife has gone into labor.

They set up camp and So Seo-No is born and protected, as Hae Mo-su defends the trade caravan against a band of thieves, reinforcing Yeon’s assumption. Yeon’s caravan has trading rights with the Han Dynasty itself. Yeon knows of Hae Mosu’s escape, and a great reward for his capture. At this point, he is fully convinced that his guest is Hae Mo-su. Yeon decides not to turn Hae Mo-su in, because of his deed of defending his caravan and his daughter from harm.

Hae Mo-su returns to Geumwa, and they resume the skirmishes. However, as the Damulgun progress in their obejective to free all refugees, the Han disguise Han soldiers as fake refugees, whom the Damulgun attempt to rescue. Ambushed by the fake refugees and “ironclad cavalry,” the Damulgun with him are killed, and he is captured. Hae Mosu is subsequently tortured and blinded by the Han.

Geum-wa, attempts and succeeds in freeing Hae Mo-su, who, though blind, is able to ride a horse. Geum-wa ultimately fails in his task to save Hae Mo-su, who Geumwa sees, trapped upon a chateau, shot with arrows and presumably dead in the river.

Haebaek princess has Hae Mo-su’s child. She goes to the Crown Prince of Buyeo. After bearing her son, Jumong, he becomes a prince of Buyeo (after the enthronement of the Crown Prince) and she a Royal Concubine upon the new Emperor’s insistence. Jumong will learn of his father, his violent rivalry among him and his half-brothers, his love for So Seo-No, and finally, a revival of the Da-mul Gun and the founding of Goguryeo.

Title: Samhanji-Jumong Pyeon
Title (English): The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong
Genre: Historical
Broadcast period: 2006-May-15 to 2007-Mar-
Broadcast network: MBC
Total Episode : 80
Directors : Lee Ju-hwan, Kim Gun-hong Lee Ju-hwan, Kim Gun-hong
Writen by: Choi Wan-kyu, Jung Hyung-soo
Song Il-gook as Ju-mong
Han Hye-jin as Soh Seo-no
Kim Seung-soo as Dae-soh
Jung Gwang-ryeol as King Geum-wa
Oh Yeon-su as Lady Yu-hwa
Kyeon Mi-ri as Queen Hwang-hu
Jin Hee-kyeong as Yeomieul
Lee Jae-yong as Bu Deok-bul
Heo Jun-ho as Hae Mo-soo
Song Ji Hyo as Ye Soya

Website: MBC Jumong Official website

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