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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kuntilanak (2006) - Film Indonesia - Artis Indonesia

93 min | Horror, Artis Indonesia, Film Indonesia
Her laugh may be the last thing you will hear
Sam (Julie Estelle, Alexandria), a student who lives in boarding house near a ghostlike area, without minding commemoration from many people, including from her boyfriend, Grand (Evan Sanders, Dealova). Many people said, a vampire called “Kuntilanak” await that area. Then, people around Sam start death tragicly one by one. And Agung also follow to disappear! Sam intend to find Agung before leave that place.

Having been always molested by her step-father, Samantha (Julie Estelle) decided to move to a boarding house that is located in a very haunted area. Rumours had it that Kuntilanak (the she-demon) lived up in a hundreds of years old tree near the house. Her boyfriend Agung (Evan Sanders) tried to warn her, but she did not pay any attention. Soon, people around her died one by one tragically. Even Agung then mysteriously disappeared
Directed by: Rizal Mantovani

Movie star
Staring Artis Indonesia : Julie Estelle, Evan Sanders, Ratu Felisha, Alice Iskak, Lita Soewardi, Ibnu Jamil

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