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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pocong 2 - Film Indonesia - Horror Movie

90 min Film Indonesia - Indonesia movie
Horror Movie
Orphan sisters Maya(Revalina S.Temat) and her brother Andin(Risty Tagor) are live together and look after each other after the death of their parents. Maya works as an assistant lecturer and Andin is a High School student. Because Maya is going to married to her fiancĂ©, Adam, Andin decided to look for a renting room. Together with Maya, Andin finds a nice room advertised on newspaper. It’s quite a nice room Andin rent, but series of incident happens. Andin starts seeing Pocong (shrouded ghost). Nobody believes her including Maya until Andin falls into deep depression because of this. To help her sister, Maya goes to see a psychic who can help her see whatever her sister saw. After Maya able to see the ghost, Maya through what her sister has been through. Maya finally see that her sister is in great danger because of the anger spirit.

Director : Rudi Soedjarwo

Writer : Monty Tiwa

Cast : Revalina S.Temat, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Risty Tagor, Dwi Sasono, Agung Basuki, Eddy Karsito, Ronald Kansil, Otig Pakis, Fadiptya Hadi, Vedie Bellamy

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