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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Tarix Jabrix

Comedy, indonesian movie
The Tarix JabrixIndonesia Music group "The Changcuters" play comedy movie.
Synopsis:Cacing want to be member Bandung citizen most afraid of : The Road Devil motor gang (Geng motor).
But then he canceled his plan, and form the new motor gang with his friends Dadang, Coki, Ciko and Mulder. They name their gang "The Tarix Jabrix".
They make Dadang's father workshop "Bengkel Sugema" as homebase.
Conflict and friction appear between The TariX JabriX and another Motor gang "The Smokers".
It because Cacing fall in love with Callista(Carissa Putri) that already has boy friend from The Smokers motor gang. Cacing knew that one of The Smokers member used drug, he try to tell Callista. But she didn't believe him. When The TariX JabriX trying to prove it, The Smokers felt that Cacing just looking for trouble.

Director: Iqbal Rais
Starring : The Changcuters, Carissa Puteri, Francine Roosenda, Ariyo Bayu, Edi Brokoli, Iga Mawarni, Sam Bimbo

The Tarix Jabrix Movie Trailer


Anonymous said...

tarix jabrix kocaak ! haha . loove you ! muah

d e v i said...

really really FUNNY !! GREAT !!

ngakak abis !