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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kesurupan ( Possessed )

Movie Indonesia, Horror,
KesurupanAnother indonesian horror movie.
Synopsis:This movie story about two best friend Felina(Nia Ramadhani) and Alin(Shareefa Danish). They must do their initiation at woods.
At that forest,while Felina fall in love with their senior Marik(Andhika Pratama), Alin was possessed by three dead spirits. Luckily she cured by Rusman.
But when they come back to Jakarta, Alin got possessed again.
A spiritualist said that Alin must go back to the forest to make the spirits out from her. So Felina, Alin and Marik go to the woods again

Director: Rizal Mantovani
Starring :Nia Ramadhani, Shareefa Danish, Andhika Pratama

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