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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Life Before Her Eyes

R | 1 hr 30 mins | Drama, Thriller, Adaptation Movie
Movie : The Life Before Her EyesA woman's survivor's guilt from a Columbine-like event 20 years ago causes her present-day idyllic life to fall apart.
The imaginative and wild Diana and her more staid best friend, Maureen, find themselves prisoners in their own high school when a senseless act of violence erupts within their sleepy Connecticut suburb. Fifteen years later, the adult Diana is still haunted by the unthinkable events they faced together. The adult Diana has made a picture perfect life for herself. Her husband Paul, whom she met in high school, is a professor at the local college. Her daughter, Emma, is on the cusp of young adulthood and is starting to show signs that she’s inherited Diana’s wild streak. It was Diana’s wild streak that brought Diana and Maureen together, and the memory of their friendship torments the older Diana, especially as the 15-year anniversary of the incident approaches. Diana finds her current life falling apart--her husband is increasingly absent, her daughter has taken to hiding from teachers, and her own grip on reality is starting to falter.

Director: Vadim Perelman
Starring: Uma Thurman, Evan Rachel Wood, Eva Amurri

Movie Trailer The Life Before Her Eyes

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