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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kuntilanak 3 - Indonesian Movie

Indonesia Movie, Horror,
Kuntilanak 3 The Kuntilanak Story continue.
Synopsis:Darwin, Asti,Herman and Petra go to Ujung Sedo village to find their lost friends. They meet Samantha who have mission from her mother to find a shaman to abolish supernatural abilities. Her paranormal powers is she can call Kuntilanak. But the shaman has bad plan that can make them in danger and loosing their fife. With help from little girl name Valerie, Samatha try to finished her mission by fighting againt strong evil power.

Director :Rizal Mantovani
Starring :Julie Estelle, Ida Iasha, Cyndi Valerie, Mandala Abadi Shoji, Imelda Therine, Reza Pahlevi, Laura Antoinette, Laudya Cynthia Bella

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