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Friday, March 14, 2008

Claudia/Jasmine | Indonesian Movie

Film Indonesia, Comedy, Romance
Claudia/JasmineIndonesia Comedy Romance Movie.
Synopsis: A young high-school student; Claudia (Kirana Larasati) believe that every one have soulmate and she wait for that. Then she meet with Tody (Andhika Pratama). Claudia feels that he is her true love. As the relations grow,something happen and claudia plunged into misery.
Jasmine (Kinaryosih), an independent girl. She is skeptic about love. Although her mother( Ira Maya Sopha ) and her friends try to find her a boyfriend, but she refused. Until she meet Jerry (Nino Fernandez) who can make her fall in love. But Jasmine afraid to make relationship because her past.

Director : Awi Suryadi
Starring : Kirana Larasati, Kinaryosih, Ira Maya Sopha, Nino Fernandez, Andhika Pratama, Mieke Amalia,

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