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Friday, March 14, 2008

Funny Games (2008)

R | 1 hr 48 mins | Drama, Thriller, Horror, Remake
Funny Games (2008)A middle-class family on vacation endures a terrifying ordeal at the hands of two psychopaths. A re-make of Michael Haneke's 1997 film.
The vacation begins with Ann, George and their son Georgie on their way to their summer home. The neighbors, Fred and Eva, are already there. They make a date to play golf the next morning. It’s a perfect day. Ann begins to make dinner, while her husband and son are busy with their newly restored sailboat. Suddenly, Ann finds herself face to face with a polite young man, the neighbors’ guest Peter, who has come to ask for some eggs because Eva has run out. Ann is about to give Peter the eggs, but hesitates. How did he get onto their property? Peter explains that there’s a hole in the fence--Fred showed it to him. Things seem strange from the beginning. Soon, violence erupts.

Director : Michael Haneke
Starring : Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Brady Corbet, Devon Gearhart, Michael Pitt

Movie Trailer Funny Games (2008)

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