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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Miracle - Film Indonesia

Film Indonesia -
Miracle - Film IndonesiaSynopsis:
Group of high school students readying themselves for a trip. before they leave, one of the students, Kinar (Keira Shabira) has a premonition that their bus will crash and burn. She tries to warn her friends and the teachers, but she is ignored.

The bus really has an accident. Everyone in the bus dies.
8 people were survived: Satyo, Mr. Irawan, Kaka, Ago, Tania, Mey, Aldi, and Kinar

Kinar try to figure out what happen. She had a clue, that their initials form a phrase: KITA MATI (WE DIE) which means the initials of Kaka, Irawan, Tania, Aldi, Mey, Ago, Tyo and Inar

Will Kinar solve the mystery and survive? Who is the mysterious Imas (Intan Ayu Purnama)?

Artis Indonesia : Andry Ilham, Intan Ayu Purnomo, Lian Firman, Dhitra Marfie, Nadilla Ernesta, Wisnu Wijaya, Robertino, Inong, Ivy Batuta

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