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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Beranak dalam kubur The Movie

90 MIN Film Indonesia, Horror Movie
Beranak dalam kubur The MovieJessy, Jovan, Titaz, Kaila and Brian are friends and also medical students. They are joining an observation of anatomy practical in a hospital. There, they find a morgue which has been closed forever, but they enter it and without knowing by them, there is a female body is hidden inside it

Since then, one by one from them face disturbances from the ghost. They find out her named Jasmine. A village girl whose pursue her dream to become a famous singer in Jakarta. However because of her careless, Jasmine was pregnant finally died tragically. Mysteriousness made Jasmine rise from the death after gave birth. However Jasmine and her baby finally died.

Are Jessy, Jovan and Titaz succeeding in solving this invisible creature? When they begin to find out the way to return Jasmine’s soul in piece, they must sacrifice one of them to die

Sutradara: Adji Saputra, Freddy Lingga
Artis Indonesia : Adytia Putri, Revand T. Narya, Dinda Kanya Ddewi, Shalvynne, Siran
Beranak dalam kubur The Movie

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