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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Mendadak Dangdut - Film Indonesia - Movie review

90 mnt Drama | Film Indonesia

Petris (Titi Kamal) a new comer alternative rock singer with selfish behavior. The only person who could understand her is Yulia (Kinaryosih),her older sister also become her manager.

One day, accidentally they are involved in the serious problem that caused them have to escape from their previous neighborhood.

In their hiding, they are listening to dangdut group “Senandung Citayam”. It’s a arguing between the group leader “Senandung Citayam”, Rizal (Dwi Sasono) and the dangdut main singer, Fetty Madu Manis which Fetty finally leaves the group. Petris volunteer her self to replace Fetty to sing. Rizal has no choice and in the end, they join the group sing from one village to another. Rizal changes her name become Iis Maduma. In this hiding adventure, Petris learns how hard to make a living and also change her style….become dangdut singer.

Director:Rudy Soedjarwo
Writer: Monty Tiwa
Starring: Titi Kamal, Kinaryosih, Dwi Sasono, Vincent R., Sakurta H. Ginting

Mendadak Dangdut movie Trailer :

Mendadak Dangdut Sound Track List :
( Lagu Indonesia )
1. Jablai (Jarang Dibelai)
2. Dangdutkah Kita
3. Mars Pembantu
4. Selalu Ada
5. Dongeng Klasik
6. Buronan Cinta
7. Bunuh Reality
8. Adeudeuh Kakang
9. Dangdutkah Kita - Band
10. Jablai - DJ Icyeuuun City Mix

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