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Friday, March 2, 2007

Lewat Tengah Malam - Film Indonesia - Horror movie

Lewat Tengah Malam - Film Indonesia - Horror movie
Lewat Tengah Malam (After Midnight) is an Indonesian Horror movie directed by Koya Pagayo. A widower named Tara lives with her only teenage daughter, Alice. Tara’s ex-husband, Yuga is in the mental hospital. Strange things happen when Alice sees a spirit haunted her in the apartment. The same spirit also terrorizes Yuga at the mental hospital. The spirit is appeared to be Yuga’s long time girlfriend who died when she has abortion.

Synopsis :
Since Tara (Cathrine Wilson) with her single daughter, Alice (Joanna Alexandra) move to an apartment, many scary incidents happened. But Tara believes that it is only Alice’s illusion. The only person that Alice trusts is her friend, Ramon (Andhika Pratama). He believes her and even helps her to solve the mystery. What they do not expect is: Alice is the ghost herself!

It takes only 7 day for Ramon to find out who really Alice is. His feeling about her keep him believes that she still alive

What will Alice do after find out the truth? And how Tara faces that her daughter is already dead? Why and who killed Alice?

Director : Koya Pagayo
Cast : Cathrine Wilson, Joanna Alexandra, Andhika Pratama, Ichi Nuraini, Krisna Murti, Fenita, Renny Umari, Gabriel Martianie, Arie Wardani

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