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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Chermin ( mirror ) - Malaysia movie - Artis malaysia

U | 1 hour 38 minutes | Horror moview - Malaysia movie - artis malaysia
Chermin is a beautiful horror film that aims to give the audience nightmares rather than a quick scare. For Zarina Abdullah, film director, Chermin is not your typical Asian horror film with its fragmented storylines but a 'beautiful haunting horror,' where a mirror is a central character. 'It is a story where you feel as much for the ghost as you do for its victims.' It also a woman's horror film where most of the leading characters are all women and the issues such as love, arranged marriages, vanity are the main themes in the film. Also it is a film that portrays as much about local Malay village life with scenes that feature a 'doa selamat,' lavish Malay wedding and a realistic portrayal of an exorcism.

Chermin is a horror/suspense thriller about a woman who is haunted by a vengeful spirit trapped in an antique mirror. The plot centers on Nasrin, whose face has been disfigured from a 'mysterious' car accident. When her mother discovers an antique mirror hidden amongst old family heirlooms, Nasrin finds herself strangely drawn to it. Nasrin's fascination with the mirror turns into obsession and she starts taking on the persona of the mirror spirit, Mastura. On her quest to regain her past beauty, Nasrin submits herself to the mirror spirit by satisfying the mirror's need for blood and revenge. Will she be able to sacrifice love for vanity? Is she able to look inside herself and see the beauty within? Or is what is reflected in her heart a shadow of the mirror?

Director : Zarina Abdullah

Writer : Zarina Abdullah

Cast artis malaysia : Deanna Yusoff, Natasha Hudson, Khatijah Tan, Farid Kamil, Dato Mustafa Maarof, M. Rajoli, Fauziah Nawi

Studio : Starry Eye Production

Chermin Movie Trailer :

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