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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jelangkung 3 - Movie Indonesia

90 MIN Horror Movie
Jelangkung 3Jelangkung 3 in no prequel to Jelankung nor a sequel of Tusuk Jelangkung.
Yodi (Andrew Roxburgh), who sat on one of the row of seats that 'dedicated' to the spirit of those who died sacrificed for the movie Jelangkung, therefor are forbidden to public use. Their spirits will chase down those who ignore this. Yodi didn't care. He ignored his bestfriends' Patra (Reza Pahlevi) and Cris (Griselda Mitha) protest, he ignored the legend, he ignored what he heard on the radio and what other people's talked about.

Despite all the protests, Yodi decided to sit and watch the movie. It wasn't long until the little boy's spirit from the movie started to appear and terrorize him. Yodi must apologize to the spirit before the full moon ends.

So that night, in the quiet night of Jakarta, Yodi was running out time while at the same time, he must try to gain trust and some help from his best friends again that he was not telling lies this time

Directed by : Angga Dwimas Sasongko

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