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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cintapuccino - Film Indonesia

Cintapuccinoanother Indonesian teenage movie from the director Rudy Soedjarwo.
Nimo turned out to be exactly like the one Rahmi had imagined. Rahmi was then determined to get to know Nimo, from high school until college, but it never worked. Rahmi then decided that Nimo is now only a chapter of her past; a dream she could never wake up to

But when just as Rahmi and her family were in the midst of planning her engagement to Raka, Nimo showed up and this time he ask Rahmi to have a serious relationship with him. In the past, Nimo actually had a feeling for Rahmi too

Rahmi feels it’s impossible to cancel her wedding to Raka. But on the other hand, to be loved by Nimo is what she’d been obsessing and dreaming of all this time. How will Rahmi deal with this dilemma?

Starring : Sissy Prescillia, Nadia Saphira, Aditya Herpavi, Miler
Production Company: SINEMART PICTURES

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