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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Suster Ngesot - Film Indonesia

87 min | Horror Movie | Film Indonesia
A ghostly female figure is sometimes seen moving around the hospitals halls, dragging her broken body with her hands along the floor ("Ngesot" in Indonesian)
Vira (Nia Ramadhani), a pretty nurse dan her bestfriend Silla (Donita), also a pretty sexy nurse. They on the way from Jakarta to Bandung to do the nurse job they got. Silla is been introduced to Mike (Mike Lewis), a handsome college student from Australia and also Vira’s boyfriend.

Vira and Silla live in a boarding room that had been closed for this twenty years. The rumor is the room is full of mysteries. Vira meets Mak Sharoh, the laundry woman whoknows what was actually happened there. A pretty nurse named Lastri Sulistia died in that room twenty years ago. She had been killed by her boyfriend, Doctor Herman when she caught him made an affair with Mila, Lastri’s best friend. Doctor Herman got forced, he killed her and buried her death body in the room wall. After this room is opened, Lastri’s ghost (suster ngesot) came out and made revenge to Doctor Herman and everybody in this boarding room who make an affair.

Vira is always got a sign before the victim falls. She tries to tell Silla and Mike but they ignore her. They even make a love relation secretly. They made an affair. Until one day Vira gets sign that Mike would be the next victim. While suster ngesot begin attack Silla, she confesses her affair to Vira but there still no forgiveness from suster ngesot. On her cahostic, Vira tries to tell everything to Mak Sharoh, but apparently she already dead ten years ago.

How Vira, Silla and Mike face the terror?

Director: Arie Azis
Writer: Aviv Elham
Starring :Nia Ramadhani, Mike Lewis, Donita, Lia Waode, Jajang C. Noer, Arswendy Nasution, Mastur

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