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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mengejar Mas Mas - Movie News

94 min | Drama Movie , Comedy Movie , Film Indonesia
MovieShanaz (Poppy Sovia) becomes a rebellious girl because she felt guilty for her father death. Her relationship with her mother disharmonize, and things get worse when her mother decides to marry her boyfriend within 8 months since her father died. Disappointed, she runs away to Jogja to follow her boyfriend Mika. Unfortunately she lost contact with him, and without money, she’s been strayed to Pasar Kembang (Sarkem), the worst localization in Jogjakarta.

Ningsih(Dina Olivia), a prostitute who saves her from a bad guy, let Shanaz stays with her. By the time they get close and care to each other. Then Shanaz meet Parno, Ningsih’s former boyfriend. They often spend their time together during Ningsih absence for “work”. Even he’s 20 years older than Shanaz, but Parno’s kindnesses crush to Shanaz’s heart. Shanaz secretly falls in love with him, although Ningsih and Parno still care for each other. Then everything become complicated eversince

Director : Rudy Soedjarwo
Cast : Dinna Olivia, Dwi Sasono, Poppy Sovia, Elmayana Sabrenia, Ira Wibowo, Roy Marten

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