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Friday, February 6, 2009

Sepuluh-Film Indonesia

Indonesia Drama Movie
SepuluhNo need the perfect life to find the perfect love. Young Director Henry Riady try to send this message in his first movie; Sepuluh (Ten).
Yanti (Rachel Maryam) was lost her daughter and being trap by her husband in prison ten year ago. She met a child named Mongky (Yofana) who was forced by Dargo (August Melasz) as a beggar in the street of Jakarta. Meanwhile, Thomas (Ari Wibowo) is a widower who had to buy a kidney illegally for David, his son. The only way to save David is doing with kidney transplants. He wants to buy from Dargo. Dargo choose Mongki as a kidney donor for David. Yanti know that Dargo make exploitation of children and sell their organs illegally. Yanti realize many children are missing, and she was afraid if Mongky will also be lost. Before surgery is done, a secret from the past revealed.

Director: Henry Riady
Starring: Ari Wibowo, Rachel Maryam, August Melasz, Keke Harun, Yofana, Gesar, Prana, Donny, Mario Tanzala

Movie Trailer Sepuluh ( Ten )

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