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Monday, February 25, 2008

Love - Indonesia Movie

Love - Indonesia MovieThis indonesian movie story is about 5 lover. Rama (Fauzi Baadilla) and Iin (Acha Septriasa) who fall in love at first sight, Lestari (Widyawati) and Nugroho (Sophan Sophiaan), Tere (Luna Maya) and Awin (Darius Sinathrya) who meets a shop attendant in a bookstore, Restu (Irwansyah) and Dinda (Laudya Chintya Bella) and Gilang (Surya Saputra) and Miranda (Wulan Guritno). It was fate that make they meet...and guide by Love

Director: Khabir Bhatia
Starring : Acha Septriasa, Darius Sinathrya, Fauzi Baadilla, Irwansyah, Laudya Chintya Bella, Luna Maya, Sophan Sophiaan, Surya Saputra, Widyawati, Wulan Guritno


Asan Taring said...

bila filem ini akan keluar?

Seng Fatt said...

anyone know this movie theme song?which it play at preview screen. please email me if got that mp3. thanks