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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Super Fans | Hongkong Movie

94 minutes | Comedy Movie | Hongkong Movie
Susie(Charlene Choi) a big fans of Sampson (Sammy) a huge superstar with large fans base. Susie is a devoted member of the Sampson Fans Club. As Sampson’s big fans she launches attack on Yan Cheng (Kevin Cheng), Samson’s rival at “Hong Kong Best Singer Award”. During one award ceremony, Susie went on stage and accused Yan of harassing her, causing a big stir among the reporters. Because of that incident Sampson hired Susie to accompany him to Beijing to contest the “Beijing Best Singer Award”. But he treated Susie as a servant even pounced on her. It really breaks Susie’s heart.

Release Date : April 12, 2007

Director : Eric Kot

Cast : Charlene Choi (Twins), Leo Ku, Kevin Cheng, Sammy, Wong Jing, Raymond Wong, Hui Siu Hung, Eric Kot.

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